Minneapolis snow plow driver cuts might screw over bus riders


If you depend on the public bus system to get you where you need to go when the snow starts falling, you'd better get some good boots and work out those leg muscles. You might be climbing some epic snow mountains along the curbs to get on and off the bus this year as the city cuts $1.4 million from the snow removal budget.

In the Fox9 report copy, we found an awesome sentence, which is probably a typing error:

The city of Minneapolis has to cut $1.4 million from its snow removal fun this winter.
City officials say they are cutting full-time plow from 134 drivers to 80 drivers this season, but those laid-off drivers will likely be on reserve for bigger storm cleanup. They insist most residents won't notice the change, but they will be slower to clean bus shelters, street corners and some off-streets this year. And when the snow starts to melt, cleaning of storm drains and pothole fixes will be slow too.

And if you've ever tried to get on and off a bus when the snow piles up, you know what you are in for. Snow can pile up three to four feet high and cause some dangerous situations if you aren't prepared to balance, sink, and slip on icy snow mountains.

Watch the Fox9 video report below.