Minneapolis snow parking restrictions still in place so you better move your car

Know where to park?

Know where to park?

Minneapolis handed out 582 lumps of coal on Christmas day: Cars towed because they failed to abide by three-day snow emergency parking rule.

That three-day snow emergency is officially over now, but the city's winter-long parking restrictions are still in place.

So get out there and move your car. Now. Here's the details:


You may park on designated Snow Emergency routes, parkways and along the odd-numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes.

There are exceptions. No parking on Bryant Avenue South from Lake Street to 50th Street and Grand Avenue South from Lake Street to 48th Street.

Snow Emergency rules will still apply if and when the city announces them following snow storms during the rest of the winter.

Move that car. Now.

Move that car. Now.

Also, before you complain about this winter inconvenience, check out this video:

And thank your lucky stars you don't live in New York City when it snows:

For more info on our parking restrictions, the city has an excellent FAQ here.

If you pay attention, you won't have to fear the reaper.