Minneapolis single mom receives enormous $1,595 water bill


What would you do if you normally receive a $70 or $80 monthly water bill and then you are charged $1,595? This woman cried foul and KSTP listened.

The Minneapolis single mother now has to fork over a bill more than 20 times the cost of her previous bill. The city insists their water meter is right.

The calculations? That's 194,484 gallons of water. Or leaving your shower running for 53 days. She's got a kitchen sink, a washing machine, and two bathrooms. Perhaps she also has a really bad water leak somewhere? The city claims she must just have a running toilet or a dripping faucet. We can't imagine that being enough for a $1,595 bill.

The city is being oh-so-kind and offering her a payment plan to settle the bill with the city. How sweet. They will also check the water meter again, but don't seem too concerned that this bill is their fault.

Check out the KSTP video report here.