Minneapolis residents eat garbage, want your respect


The scavengers of Minneapolis proudly munch on meals made almost completely of garbage and they just want a little respect for their lifestyle. They say you can even have a high-end meal straight from the dumpsters. When the going gets tough, or even when it isn't, garbage meals of just plain delicious. Or so they say.

The Minnesota Daily has a story profiling some of the people in Minneapolis who shop in the trash rather than the grocery store. We are salivating just thinking about it.

More from the Daily:

On the evening this nation elected its next president, several young Americans in south Minneapolis sat down to a meal made entirely of free food, all of it vegan. These are the freegans. The word is an amalgamation of "free" and "vegan," and for these urbanites, eating typically involves more than just filling a belly with flash-cooked frozen foods. It usually means digging through a dumpster.

"There are some dumpsters that are basically like walking into supermarkets," said Rosemary Sindt , a first-year University student who has been dumpstering for about a year. "There are bags that are nothing but produce, bags that are nothing but bread," she said.

She insists that eating food from the trash is not disgusting, like many people assume. They tend to think that dumpsters are filled with rotten apples and moldy bread, but that's not what the divers are looking for when they set off to the trash heap.

Yet there's an obvious prejudice against people who dig through the garbage. Many people tend to think that anything labeled trash is unusable, that garbage food will make a person sick, and that anyone who willingly eats dumpstered food must already be ill in the head. But freegans claim that dumpstering is a socially conscious way to feed themselves in a world where much is wasted. In that way diving is an ideal, as well as a necessity.

Well now we are intrigued. Unfortunately the story gives us no tips on places to check out. These freegans don't want competition for the good stuff. Looks like we'll be doing the work ourselves.

While digging in the garbage is fun and all, wouldn't it make more sense to approach some of these businesses and set up a way to pick up the food at the end of the night that would normally go into the trash? Or does that spoil the fun?