Minneapolis Ranks No. 6 for Peter Pan Syndrome, St. Paul No. 8

Prioritizing quality of life.

Prioritizing quality of life.

Everyone knows the Twin Cities is the best place in the country for young folks these days, with our lean unemployment rates and educated peers and yada yada. But what about the honest-to-goodness cost of keeping our hard-earned condos properly stocked with weed?

The price of a harmless vice is one standard of measurement that the Lost Boys behind data-junkie news site Vocativ's Livability Index crunched to see how savvy Twin Citians are about dodging adulthood and just living life.

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In Minneapolis, an ounce of the high-quality stuff costs $250 on average, a rip-off compared to St. Paul's $180. Definitely worth the trip next door.

But all things considered -- including the cost of munchies at Buffalo Wild Wings, a six-pack of domestic beer, and the cab fare it takes to lug your drunk ass home -- Minneapolis ranks No. 6 in the nation for being one of the best places for young people who play a lot and have the means to pay for it.

St. Paul finished close behind at No. 8.

At first glance the two-point difference seems to nag at an intercity rivalry that will likely persist till the end of days. But Vocativ breaks down its categories to reflect a range of youthful interests. For instance, it costs less to buy a bag of groceries in St. Paul than it does in Minneapolis, which is important to know if food is more your thing than attending live theater.

For actually earning a salary, spending way too much of it on rent in Loring Park, and going thrifting at record stores, the yuppier twin of the cities comes out on top.

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