Minneapolis ranks 56th in driving skills, St. Paul 52nd

Cloverleafs: you know they suck in the snow.
Cloverleafs: you know they suck in the snow.
Image from Wikimedia

If you've ever tried to merge on one of those damn clover-leaf loops of death connecting the I-394 to I-494, you won't be surprised to learn that Twin Cities drivers officially, well, kind of suck.

The Allstate Insurance Company released its sixth annual list of the nation's best drivers, and Minneapolis ranks 56th out of the nation's 200 largest cities. St. Paul did a little better, at number 52. Allstate says this makes us safe driving cities, comparatively.

I guess we can see their point. But this also seems a good time to point out the dubiousness of this so-called honor. If you've ever tried to change lanes and failed because some passive-aggressive Minnesota Nice driver was expressing himself by totally ignoring your blinker and wildly desperate hand gestures--or even watched him speed UP and cackle with glee at foiling your plan--then you know what we're talking about.

Anyway, being the 56th best drivers in the country is definitely not as cool as being the nation's most literate city. Or it's most bike-friendly.

One more factoid: The average driver in Minneapolis or St. Paul will experience an auto collision every 10.3 years, according to the report. Um, great. Brace yourselves.

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