Minneapolis ranked 9th most walkable city in the U.S.

Minneapolis is a walkabout wonderland.

Minneapolis is a walkabout wonderland.

Minneapolis just strolled into the ranks of the nation's most walkable cities, according to an announcement today from the website Walk Score.

As a group, one might expect "walkers" to be a pretty tame lot, but Walk Score CEO Josh Herst said Minneapolitan moseyers were up in arms when we weren't even considered for the last ranking in 2008.


Herst put together his list based on an algorithm that calculates walking distance to amenities. The formula rewards points if things like grocery stores and restaurants are less than a mile away from any given address, then factors in population density. But in 2008, he chose only to rank the 40 largest cities in the U.S., leaving Minneapolis out in the cold.

"We heard from a lot of walkers and bikers in Minneapolis over the last several years saying, 'We think we should be in this list,'" he says with amusement.

So this year's rankings expanded to the 50 largest cities in the country and earned Minneapolis the number 9 spot. New York topped the list, unsurprisingly, followed by San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

Walk Score also ranks individual neighborhoods based on their walkability as well, and grades Downtown West, Loring Park, Lowry-Hill East and Cedar-Riverside as extremely walkable. Large swaths of the northwestern and south metro area did not fare as well. Here's a map of the whole city. Green means "go," red means "had to stop and get in my lame ass car":

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