Minneapolis ranked 13th most pot-loving community


April 20's a bit of mythical date for those who partake of the herb, and The Daily Beast took the opportunity to check in with some "experts" and consult some statistics to create it's Top 40 Most Pot-Loving Communities.

Minneapolis comes in at No. 13. Maybe we'd have ranked higher if the fancy new Twins stadium didn't look down on tokers.

Data points:

  • Population: 358,896
  • Regular Users: 8.8%
  • Pot Culture: 6 out of 10
  • Arrests per 100,000 residents: 301
  • NORML chapter?: No
  • Pothead Hangout: Open spaces and abandoned lots. Wild marijuana is growing like a weed in unkempt spots in the Minneapolis area. "It's all over the place," according to Sheriff Rich Stanek

Here's the Top 20:

1-Eureka, CA 2-Tallahassee, FL 3-New York, NY 4-Boston, MA 5-San Francisco, CA 6-Portland, OR 7-Chico, CA 8-Seattle 9-Burlington, VT 10-Detroit, MI 11-Albany, NY 12-Portland, ME 13-Minneapolis, MN 14-Anchorage, AK 15-Ithaca, NY 16-Sacramento, CA 17-Morgantown, WV 18-Syracuse, NY 19-Boulder, CO 20-Jacksonville, FL

Munchies, anyone?