Minneapolis ranked 10th most dangerous city in America

The 10th most dangerous city in America?
The 10th most dangerous city in America?

We're so used to the Twin Cities placing high in national rankings of one sort or another that a new survey from U.S. News brought us up short: Minneapolis is tied with Cleveland - Cleveland! - as the 10th most dangerous city in America.

U.S. News says the rankings are based on the prevalence of property crime, such as burglary and motor vehicle theft, as well as violent crimes such as like murder and robbery. Cities with the highest homicide rates -- New Orleans and Richmond, Virginia -- are not in the Top 10 here because their overall crime rate was judged to be less risky.

Here's the Top 11:

1. St. Louis 2. Atlanta 3. Birmingham Alabama (tie) 3. Orlando (tie) 5. Detroit 6. Memphis 7. Miami 8. Baltimore 9. Kansas City, Missouri 10. Minneapolis (tie) 10. Cleveland (tie)

It's hard to know what to make of this bad news. Consider how Minneapolis has performed in other surveys this past year:

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