Minneapolis Public Schools trolled by billboard right outside its headquarters [PHOTO]

The above billboard towers above the Minneapolis Public Schools headquarters at 1250 West Broadway Avenue.

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Indeed, in 2012, 50.1 percent of MPS students graduated from high school in four years, compared to 77.6 percent statewide. That number, however, is up from recent years -- for instance, in 2009, just 42.3 percent of MPS students graduated on time.

The nonprofit organization paying for the billboard, Better Ed, describes its mission as "to engage the public by challenging assumptions and opening minds to fresh ideas for transforming education in Minnesota."

"For decades, many have assumed that Minnesota has a strong education system and that any problems that may exist can be fixed with more spending, a position that continues to be relentlessly advanced by some of the state's most powerful interest groups," the group writes on its website. "However, there is an urgent need to alert Minnesotans to the truth of the high costs and poor outcomes of education in various parts of the state, particularly Minneapolis."

Minneapolis's four-year graduation rate is roughly comparable to other large American cities. One study, using information pertaining to the class of 2005, found that the graduation rate in the country's 50 largest cities was 53 percent, according to a Washington Post report from last year.

Reached for comment yesterday, an MPS media contact declined to comment on the billboard. As this is written, Better Ed hasn't responded to our attempts to contact organization officials.

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