Minneapolis police union selling '#jackass' shirts for charity

The beef between Bob Kroll and Betsy Hodges took a fashionable twist.

The beef between Bob Kroll and Betsy Hodges took a fashionable twist.

Lt. Bob Kroll seems to have embraced the latest title foisted upon him by Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.

The controversial, allegedly racist leader of the Minneapolis Police Federation recently irked the city's top government official when he backed four city cops who recently walked off their jobs as off-duty security staff at a Minnesota Lynx game. The officers bailed in protest of Lynx players wearing warm-up shirts that read, among other things, “Black Lives Matter,” after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were killed by police.

The shirts also expressed support for the Dallas cops who were killed by a sniper.

A typically fiery Kroll also threw in a shot at the dynastic WNBA squad while supporting his blue brethren, calling the team's attendance “pathetic.” In an uncharacteristically heated response, Hodges called his comments “jackass remarks.” Police chief Janee Harteau also instructed Kroll not to wear his uniform when making public appearances.

What to do when city leaders call you out for talking smack? Put it on a T-shirt, apparently. Running with the unflattering theme, the cop union's charity wing is now selling “#jackass” shirts, Kare 11 reports.


Kroll tells the station fellow cops and union supporters are buying them, “raising a lot of money.” The police union's charity arm has supported various charities in the past and it's not immediately clear how the “#jackass” funds will be spent.

Who knows, maybe the "#jackass" tee will overthrow the American flag shawl as this summer's hottest fashion item. But if we've learned anything from watching other public feuds, it's that pure-grade jackassery doesn't require a T-shirt.