Minneapolis police seek Lake Street driver who cut off motorcyclist [VIDEO]



The Minneapolis Police Department is asking for the public's help finding the driver in a recent hit-and-run accident. 

In this case, they have reasons to believe people out there have valuable information: A bunch were around the area of the accident at the time, and some took out their phones and filmed the aftermath.

The accident occurred on Lake Street and 19th Avenue on the night of August 7. When busy, Lake Street can be a long wait for drivers looking to make a left turn. The driver of a white car decided he or she would wait all of a second, and no more, before hooking a quick left in front of traffic.

This became an immediate crisis for a motorcyclist going the other way in the right lane.  The biker ditched, effectively going horizontal to the ground, skidding into the left-turning car as the motorcycle kicked up sparks. 

Video shows the motorcycle rider bouncing off the side of the car, and into its path... at which point the driver simply drives around the person and leaves the scene heading north. 

The biker remains still on the pavement after the crash, and "suffered serious injuries," according to MPD. "Surveillance footage shows numerous witnesses and individuals filming after the incident." 

Those who did, or who know something about the identity of the driver of this white car, can contact Minneapolis Police officer Bryan Cross at 612-673-3442 with tips.