Minneapolis police looking for notorious yoga studio bandit

The thief reportedly takes most of the yoga class with everyone else before leaving early with everyone's stuff.

The thief reportedly takes most of the yoga class with everyone else before leaving early with everyone's stuff. Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you know there’s a routine at the top of the hour.

Before you do any posing, you take off your sweatshirt, shoes, purse, what have you, and stuff them into a handy cubby right outside the studio. You insert your money and your keys into crevices and pockets as a measure of security. But before you walk away, perhaps a brief, insecure thought crosses your mind – something like, Hey, what’s stopping anyone from taking all this?

Turns out, nothing.

WCCO reports that this summer has been awash in yoga studio theft. The thief, like you, has a routine: Sign up for a free week of yoga classes, spend most of the hour posing and ohm-ing with everyone else, leave early, and take everyone else’s valuables with you. Already, three Minneapolis YogaFits and a YogaSol in Northeast have been struck by this smooth criminal.

These days, YogaFit studios have signs displayed telling members to bring their valuables into class with them rather than risk the cubbies. In the meantime, Minneapolis Police have surveillance video from all the YogaFit locations, and they’re investigating.

It’s not the only kind of misfortune to befall Minneapolis’ studios this summer. TaraNa yoga studio in Kingfield got a rude awakening in June in the form of a smashed window and thousands of dollars in damage.

According to Southwest Journal, this was likely a bit of collateral damage rather than a personal vendetta. The vandal’s real target was likely the forthcoming Good Times pizza and ice cream parlor next door, which has had its windows and doors smashed six times since January. Surveillance footage has picked up what appeared to be two women armed with hammers.

Owner Jeffrey Bores told the Journal nothing like this had happened in 13 years running the studio, but he “knew” it wouldn’t be the last time, considering what Good Times had been going through.

So, whether you’re attending classes to tone your body or calm your mind, remember to take care even in these relatively carefree spaces. For now, it may be best to meditate with one eye open.