Minneapolis police investigating Facebook threat 'looking forward' to Baton Rouge-style attack


Police forces across America are on high alert after three cops were killed in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, in what looks like the second planned assassination of uniformed officers in as many weeks.

Minneapolis cops have reason to be even more jumpy than most, thanks to a Facebook post from someone who "looks forward" to the day the same thing happens here.

Baton Rouge was the site of the police shooting of Alton Sterling, a black man whose death came one day before Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights. Extensive protests in Baton Rouge have led to heightened tensions between police and black civilians. 

The Facebook post, which appeared as a reaction to a USA Today  story about the shooting in Baton Rouge, was first noticed by KSTP. Reporter Jay Kolls said the Minneapolis Police Department was "flooded" with word of the threatening message since it appeared yesterday.

Here's the whole post, which, while hard to make sense of at some points, inarguably makes a positive reference to the notion of Minneapolis cops being targeted like those in Dallas or Louisiana.

“It is not in color, it is your behavior and culture. You finally got something right it is in one’s behavior and culture. The behavior of the rogue cops and their inherent culture, but that is going to change, and soon or!!! I’m anxiously looking forward to the Minneapolis headlines when they come, and they, more than likely, will, people. More than likely will.”

Somehow this post received two "likes" on Facebook. Neither came from Sgt. Catherine Michael with the Minneapolis Police Department, who told KSTP that investigators were looking to question the person responsible for that post.

"Officers, I do believe, feel like they have a target on their back, just because of what's been going on in this country," Michael told the station. 

Three officers were killed in the Baton Rouge attack Sunday morning, and three more were wounded. Those killings came 10 days after five cops were gunned down in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest; nine were injured during that shooting. In both cases, the shooter was black, and a former member of a branch of the United States armed forces.

KSTP declined to identify who posted the "looking forward" post. Should anyone happen to have seen the comment and know its author personally, feel free to explain in colorful language the various ways he or she is not helping anything or anyone. Or just call the cops.