Minneapolis police investigating cop tasing of pregnant woman [VIDEO]

Two of Latrice Trotter's friends allege Minneapolis cops used excessive force by tasing the pregnant 19-year-old woman, causing her to fall on her stomach, before she was arrested around 11:30 p.m. on May 29.

As is standard procedure in any incident involving a taser, the Minneapolis Police Department says an internal investigation is underway.

"Right now we're obviously limited in what we can say because we have our own investigation going on into this," MPD spokesman John Elder tells us.

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One of Trotter's friends captured the immediate aftermath of the tasing on video. Here it is (Trotter is the woman lying on the sidewalk):

Trotter's friends told Fox 9 the incident began when Trotter and another woman got into an argument while waiting for the Blue Line LRT train at the Nicollet Mall stop. Things escalated to the point where Trotter was slapped, and the two woman were about to fight when a squad car arrived at the scene. (A police report identifies the cops involved as Adam Lewis and Michael Williams.)

When one of the cops tried to split up the women, Trotter "apparently tried to get around him" (as Fox 9 puts it) and was tased.

Trotter was arrested and booked into jail thanks to an outstanding gross misdemeanor warrant for rioting. Her mugshot is at the top of this post.

With regard to the incident near the light rail stop, the police reports says, "[Trotter] was fighting with another. [Trotter] was tazered. [Trotter] was booked for a warrant and for discon."

The report lists Trotter's address as the People Serving People homeless shelter.

Fox 9 contacted Metro Transit for the surveillance video footage of what happened between the women and the cops before Trotter was tased. But since the MPD already requested it, Fox wasn't able to obtain it.

"Anytime an incident like this happens, whether it's by a business or on a light rail platform, we always check to see if there's video. It's part of the investigation," Elder says. "We never asked [Metro Transit] not to share that video. Their policy is that if another agency is investigating something and they have a copy of the video, they don't give the video out to anybody else until the investigation is over."

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