Minneapolis Police Federation endorses Mark Dayton

The 900-member strong Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis is moving from the red to the blue column, announcing today that it was endorsing Democrat Mark Dayton for governor.

The police union hasn't thrown its weight behind a Democrat since it endorsed Rudy Perpich in the 1980s. And Dayton's promise not to cut state aid to cities and counties played a big role in the switch, federation president John Delmonico says.

A long relationship with Dayton, stretching back to his time as state auditor, and as a senator who pulled in federal grants to fight gangs, also helped turn the wheel. Plus, he's a "gun guy," Delmonico says.

It's another law-and-order win for Dayton in territory Republicans like to think of as their own. The 8,500 rank-and-file police officers in the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association announced their endorsement of the DFLer earlier this year.

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