Minneapolis one of top kitty cities, but it's no cat-lady haven


The CATalyst Council came out with their Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities report last month and Minneapolis made the list. It's a kitty paradise here apparently. The study looked at the 25 largest metro areas in the United States and analyzed cat ownership per capita, level of veterinary care, microchipping, and cat-friendly local ordinances.

Unfortunately they probably didn't see the big local story about the crazy cat lady who had 118 cats living in a mobile home. There's a difference between loving cats and being "cat friendly" since all of those felines had to be put to sleep.

So if we're cat friendly, does that mean we probably have more crazy cat ladies who live a sad existence as single women with too many purring companions? A look of the top cat cities might just disprove that theory, or perhaps prove there are crazy cat men hiding out there too.

Fast Company (via) used Census data to compare the number of single men and women in all of the kitty cities. The numbers definitely don't show a huge number of single cat ladies in our metro area. Right as we were compiling this post, we started to think about our neighbors to the east. We know exactly why most normal humans and cats stay clear of Wisconsin after reading this headline: Appleton woman charged after remains of 20 cats found in apartment

We're all just looking out for ourselves.