Minneapolis off-street parking: good for bikes.

Photo courtesy of Twin City Sidewalks

News came in today from the kick ass MNDaily that the city of Minneapolis has proposed an amendment that would allow future developments to reduce the amount of off-street parking spaces.

Within the story is a key blurb: "The amendment also seeks to increase bicycle parking in the city." For any cyclist who's had to lock-up their rig to a tiny little poplar, this is welcome news.

Sometimes, it feels like bicycle parking in the city is harder than car parking. The Twin Cities Sidewalks blog has a great collection of photos that shows how creative cyclists must get to find a place to lock up.

Now, there are some good examples of bike parking in Mpls:


But such places are rare. And maybe the city could think bigger, like removing parking spots and putting in bicycle corrals. The kooky northwest city that feeds itself on hazelnuts has installed several of these parking places that looks like this:  

And of course there is Amsterdam. A place that knows how to park:

OK, so things like this can only come about when hallucinating on hashish, but damn if it doesn't make a Twin Cities cyclist feel hopeful...