Minneapolis murder map 2012

Minneapolis murder map 2012
Nizzel George, 5, is among this year's homicide victims.

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    In this week's cover story, "The View From Down Here," we examine the controversial math behind Minneapolis's effort to curb youth violence.

    As the story notes, the first six months of 2012 showed a projected increase of youth-related violent crimes from 2011. If the second half of the year were to repeat the first, we would have a higher rate of juveniles arrested or suspected in violent crimes, and more juvenile victims, according to police data. We're also on track to have more young people (24 and under) fall victims to crimes involving guns.

  • So far this year, the city has seen a total of 18 homicides. Of those, eight victims have been 24 or younger. Among them is Nizzel George, a 5-year-old killed in a spray of gunfire while he slept on his grandmother's couch. Last week, 17-year-old Stephon Shannon was indicted by grand jury for first-degree murder in George's death.

    The youngest victim was Siyana Almana, a 1-year-old from Northeast Minneapolis, according to police.

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    Source: Minneapolis Police Department

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