Minneapolis mom to give birth on Internet

Lynsee's due date is coming up! The 23-year-old teacher from Minneapolis is planning to deliver live online.

She's been documenting her pregnancy -- and her growing belly -- on her blog, Watch Lynsee Grow! on MomsLikeMe Web site. Why would anyone want to expose their pregnant self to the public?

Well, Lynsee is a teacher at heart. Recently, she returned to her old teaching job in Apple Valley and talked to her students about her motivation. Doesn't look like she's grubbing for money or her own reality show. Check out what she said to KARE-11 below:

"I've had plenty of women say, 'You're absolutely insane. You're going to have your delivery live on a website and this is your first baby? What are you thinking?' Well, (for) me as a family consumer science teacher, I feel like I am the textbook and the people in my (online) group are the classroom," said Lynsee.

Lynsee is due Nov. 19.