Minneapolis mob beatings: Couple describes Seventh and Marquette attack, first of two there that night

The Kubouseks say they were attacked by a mob of 10 youths while downtown last month.
The Kubouseks say they were attacked by a mob of 10 youths while downtown last month.

Kirk Kubousek says that he and his wife, Melissa, traveled from their home in Plymouth to downtown Minneapolis for a night out together on St. Patrick's Day when they were attacked by a mob of about 10 young males.

The couple had just finished dinner at Rosa Mexicano and were headed back to their room at the Marquette at about 10 p.m. when they noticed a group of black males walking toward them down a sidewalk near Seventh and Marquette. With the sidewalk blocked, they either had to walk into the street to get around the group or try to walk through them.

They opted for the latter. "One of the individuals stepped aside to let us walk through," Kirk said. "While we walked through the crowd, I was punched in the side of my face out of my line of sight."

As punches started flying, Kirk, a 35-year-old attorney, says he remembers yelling, "Are you kidding me?!"

Melissa screamed as three separate youths came at Kirk, throwing punches. Kirk says he was able to dodge the blows. He remembers one of the assailants smiling while he threw punches, "like it was fun." As people on the street started to take notice of the attack, the mob dispersed, leaving Kirk one-on-one with a man he says was over 6 feet tall.

"I dodged several of his punches before he ran off," Kirk said, adding that he himself didn't punch anyone. "I believe that if it wasn't for my wife's screaming I would have been seriously injured." Thankfully, he ended up with nothing more than a swollen neck. Melissa, a 33-year-old school teacher, was pushed, and one of the assailants burned her hand with a cigarette, she says.

After the mob dispersed, Kirk and Melissa made their way back to the Marquette. There, they talked to a police officer about the incident.

Wrote Melissa in an email: The "cop wasn't that interested in taking a report, since we didn't have descriptions -- just African-American... [I] wonder how many people have been attacked, since our story isn't even part of the stats."

Said Kirk: "We did not file a complaint because we could not identify any of the individuals and the police officer seemed unconcerned and unsurprised over the incident. [The officer, whose name Kirk and his wife can't remember] responded that 'they are trying to get things under control.'"

Unfortunately, the situation at Seventh and Marquette was anything but under control that night. About an hour after Kirk and Melissa were attacked, a 27-year-old man named Pieter and his nephew fell victim to a mob beating at the very same intersection. Pieter ended up with serious brain injuries. 

Kirk said he and his wife are going to file a report to make sure the incident is on record. He said he and Melissa weren't aware that there has been a string of mob beatings in downtown Minneapolis until they read reports about the attacks days after they were attacked.

"We're really regretting [not filling a report] now, seeing as how all this is going on," Kirk said.

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