Minneapolis man suing Jacob Wohl for allegedly using his photo in fake Twitter threat

His name is not Drake Holmes, and he did not threaten to shoot an anti-Muslim crusader who came to Minneapolis.

His name is not Drake Holmes, and he did not threaten to shoot an anti-Muslim crusader who came to Minneapolis. Twitter

When right-wing activists Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer came to Minneapolis to film their new scary documentary about Rep. Ilhan Omar, they did everything in their power to showcase the city as a threatening place full of locked doors and insidious plots.

They also reported a supposed death threat against Wohl.

“I hope you fuckin know that if bump into you in Dinkytown or anywhere else in my city I’m going to shoot you and shit on your fucking bodies,” said the Twitter message from one “Drake Holmes.” 

The "Holmes" account featured a smiling man in a suit, claiming he was a “diversity coordinator” in Minneapolis, and that he hated “racist, homophones [sic] and bigots.”

We know now that Drake Holmes is not a real person. Not just because his handle—@drakehomes612—misspelled his own name. And not because several journalists have reported that Wohl crafted the account himself and therefore may have written and sent the death threat to himself.

No, we know this because the real man in the photo has outed Wohl. 

His name is Aaron Delgado, and he’s a home mortgage specialist in Minneapolis. The photo was swiped off his Instagram account. He told reporter Ben Collins last week that he only became aware that he'd unwittingly become the face of Drake Holmes after a client called him.

“My face was making national news for all the wrong reasons,” he said. He doesn’t follow politics, he had no idea who Wohl was, and, as he told Collins, he doesn’t even “have cable.”

He also told Collins he was wondering if he would need an attorney.

He’s got one now. Two, in fact. On Friday, California lawyer Michael Avenatti, who used to represent Trump mistress Stormy Daniels, tweeted that he would “pursue all available criminal and civil claims against Jacob Wohl.”

“It is time that he face the consequences for his outrageous conduct,” Avenatti said, “and I intend on ensuring that he does.”

Avenatti didn’t respond to interview requests, and Delgado declined comment. He did say he has also hired Justin Bruntjen, a Minneapolis attorney. Bruntjen says they can’t reveal much about the case yet.

“Just that we are going to do everything in our power to hold Jacob Wohl and those responsible accountable,” he says.

Wohl did not immediately respond to interview requests.