Minneapolis man receives death threats from ISIS in the wake of Paris attacks

Mohamed Amin riles ISIS with cartoons.

Mohamed Amin riles ISIS with cartoons.

The day after the terrorist attacks in Paris, ISIS’ PR department rejoiced up and down Twitter, taking credit for the bloodshed.

One jihadist going by “Abdul Hakim” took a moment to get back to work – he went on the YouTube page of Mohamed Amin, a Minneapolis cartoonist, to leave a series of threatening messages.

“I’m gonna find you,” Hakim wrote. “You will be killed. You just don’t like we take over.”

Well, it’s no secret that Amin dislikes ISIS. He’s the creator of the Average Mohamed web series, which teaches young Muslims how ISIS twists the Quran to justify terrorism. He’s also done videos on gender identity and women’s rights. The idea is to fight ISIS’ radical recruitment propaganda with some deprogramming ideas from an average Muslim guy.

About a year after Average Mohamed’s launch, Amin has finally landed on ISIS’ radar, and they’re now following him on Twitter.

“It’s a sign that I’m effective at what I do, and can you imagine that, a nobody?” Amin says. “We don’t see it in the context of fear. If an average person can speak up frankly and freely, that’s the whole purpose of Average Mohamed. There’s risk associated with that.”

His wife wants to move out though, Amin says, laughing. They can’t shoot down the message of peace, but they can try to shoot the messenger.

Amin isn’t too worried, personally. He says he’ll alert the authorities on Friday, when he has some time off from his day job.