Minneapolis man accused of raping woman next to her infant

Raping someone is bad enough, but then you throw a baby witness into the equation and these charges get all kinds of messed up. Definitely won't help this man play a sympathy card in court.

A Minneapolis man is accused of raping a woman he met a month earlier. He allegedly raped her while her 5-month-old baby was nearby.

Johnnie Lamar Haynes, 20, said he would give the woman a cell phone battery, but had her come to his relative's house while it charged. He picked up the woman and her baby from school and made them wait in the bedroom while the battery charged. Ah yes, the old cell phone battery trick.

Police say he then entered the bedroom and started touching her against her will. He then allegedly raped the woman while her baby was lying nearby. The man pulled the woman's hair so hard he ripped some of it out.

Haynes is charged with one county of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and another count of terroristic threats. According to the charges, Haynes and his girlfriend have called the victim and threatened to hurt her because she reported the rape to police.

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