Minneapolis K-9 falls off roof, dies

Chase, the police dog. Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Police

Chase, the police dog. Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Police

Early this morning, police answered a burglary call. They found the suspects, but they lost the police dog.

The 911 call came in at around 7 a.m. Chase, a Minneapolis canine, went to the third story of a former car dealership at 222 Hennepin Avenue South with his handler, Officer Eric Lukes. At around 8:15 a.m., Chase fell off the roof.

He was gravely injured, and taken to the University of Minnesota for treatment, but veterinarians couldn't save him. Officer Lukes was not injured, and three burglary suspects were arrested. Chief Tim Dolan took the time to pass on his condolences:

"The MPD family is saddened by this loss and by what it means to Officer Lukes and his immediate family," said Chief Dolan. "The service that the canines provide is invaluable to safeguarding the lives of our officers and the loss of a canine partner is very hard on the family of the officer who raise these animals as their own."

It's been a bad month for police dogs. Last week, Felony, a Howard Lake police dog, was mistakenly euthanized when he escaped his kennel and ended up at the pound.

Chase served the MPD since 2007. Canines are called in during assignments the MPD deems too unsafe for their human partners.