Minneapolis Jimmy John's workers launch union protest

Jimmy John's employees: So Disgruntled You'll Freak.
Jimmy John's employees: So Disgruntled You'll Freak.

Apparently Minneapolis employees of Jimmy Johns have bigger complaints than the corporate tattoo ban. Like being paid minimum-wage salaries with no benefits while their bosses are planning a major expansion.

Some employees at the fast-food purveyor's nine Minneapolis locations are leading a unionization drive, demanding better wages, more humane sick-day and workers'-compensation policies, and an end to on-the-job sexual harassment.

This afternoon they're launching their first action, a protest outside the downtown Jimmy John's in Block E. They want to talk to Rob and Mike Mulligan, who own the Minneapolis franchises through their company Miklin Enterprises

Matt Miranda, a spokesman for the union's supporters, says if the Mulligans won't talk to them this afternoon, workers will escalate their actions.

The Jimmy Johns Workers Union won't disclose its membership numbers, but they're affiliated with a major labor group, the Industrial Workers of the World, which has made headlines recently for organizing Starbucks employees.

So far membership is limited to employees in the Minneapolis franchises, but organizers say they intend to expand.

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