Minneapolis is the nation's safest city


It's time to put the whole "Murder-apolis" name to rest. Forbes listed our little Scandinavian enclave as the safest city in America. Take that Safety Town, suckas...


Minneapolis tops our list of America's safest cities, and not just for its crime rate. In ranking the cities on our list, we looked at workplace fatalities, traffic-related deaths and natural disaster risk; the City of Lakes ranked in the top 10 of all four categories. It's also one of America's best places to live cheaply and offers easy access to some of the most scenic drives in the country.

This is one time we must thank the weather, and our ability to withstand it. While Forbes used numbers and stuff to reach their verdict, there's a simple answer for our superior safety: the weather.

As a famous Lutheran once said, "There's no sense committing crimes when the majority of our focus is staying warm in the winter, and thawing out by the lakes during the summer-time."

HT/ MNIndy