Minneapolis is the least stressful city in the country, new study finds

Survey says Minneapolis is the most chill city in the land.
Survey says Minneapolis is the most chill city in the land.

Minneapolis is chill, both figuratively and literally (well, it's chilly here most years at least).

A new study by Sperling's BestPlace finds that the City of Lakes is the least stressful metropolis in the whole country.

The study looked at a variety of factors associated with stress, including suicide, divorce, crime, joblessness, lengthy commuting... and even the number of overcast days annually.

Minneapolis ranked toward the top of the list across just about all the factors, with particularly low crime rates, joblessness, and commute times in comparison with other cities.

On the flipside, the study found that you might want to pack your Prozac if you have to move to Florida. Five of the top ten stressful cities are in the Sunshine State, with Tampa topping the list. The most stressful Midwest city is Detroit, which ranks fifth overall.

Sperling's BestPlaces is a research firm specializing in livability rankings. For a summary of the study, click here. For the city-by-city breakdown, click here.

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