Minneapolis is the 7th brainiest city in America (this time)

Brains: Minneapolis has more than New York City.
Brains: Minneapolis has more than New York City.
Photo: debaird

Minneapolis is the 7th brainiest city in America.

Which is odd, because it was only a month ago that we didn't even break the Top 20. Did we get that much smarter in just a few weeks?

Sadly, we did not.

Our position at No. 7 comes by way of new Census data that tracks which American cities have the highest percentage of residents with college degrees. In our case, it's 37.6 percent. Washington, D.C., tops the list with 47.3 percent. Riverside, Calif., brings up the rear with 19.2 percent.

We were shut out of a similar Top 20 in August by University of Toronto researcher Richard Florida, when he looked at adults with advanced university degrees, more computer scientists and mathematicians, and more scientists as a percentage of the population.

Who to believe? The data that portrays us in the best light, of course!

Here's the Top 10 brainiest cities, according to the Census.

  • Washington, D.C. - 47.3 percent
  • San Francisco, Calif. - 43.5 percent
  • San Jose, Calif. - 43.2 percent
  • Raleigh, N.C. - 42.2 percent
  • Boston, Mass. - 42.2 percent
  • Austin, Texas, 38.7 percent
  • Minneapolis, Minn. - 37.6 percent
  • Denver, Colo. 37.6 percent
  • Seattle, Wsh. - 374 percent
  • New York, N.Y. - 35.6 percent

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