Minneapolis is one of the most sinful cities in the country, study says

Minneapolis "ranked in the top 10 for adult entertainment, aka lust," Movoto writes. "Something tells us that doesn't mean karaoke."
Minneapolis "ranked in the top 10 for adult entertainment, aka lust," Movoto writes. "Something tells us that doesn't mean karaoke."
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Minnesota might be nice, but a new study concludes that Minneapolis is actually quite naughty.

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The City of Lakes rated as the third-most sinful city in the nation in the Movoto real estate blog's list of "The 10 Most Sinful Cities in America."

Movoto's methodology is based on the Christian notion of the "seven deadly sins," with each one translated into a criterion "that makes sense for modern city living." Here they are:

-- Strip clubs per capita (Lust)
-- Cosmetic surgeons per capita (Pride)
-- Violent crime per year per 1,000 residents (Wrath)
-- Theft per year per 1,000 residents (Envy)
-- Percentage of disposable income given to charity each year (Greed)
-- Percentage of obese residents (Gluttony)
-- Percentage of physically inactive residents (Sloth)

"With those figured out, we looked at the 95 most populous cities in the United States (we had to exclude Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Toledo, and Tucson since they don't report some of this data) to see how they stacked up in each criterion," Movoto writes. "We ranked each city from 1 to 95 -- with 1 being most sinful and 95 being least -- and averaged the scores across all criteria to come up with our final list of 10 most sinful locales."

Here's how the list of the top 10 sinful cities shook out:

1. St. Louis, MO
2. Orlando, FL
3. Minneapolis, MN
4. Pittsburgh, PA
5. Milwaukee, WI
6. Cincinnati, OH
7. Miami, FL
8. Buffalo, NY
9. Detroit, MI
10. Las Vegas, NV

Curiously, Movoto reports that Minneapolis ranks as the second most-sinful city in the "Sloth" category, as 30 percent of Minneapolis residents "aren't meeting government physical activity guidelines" according to CDC data. Only Tulsa, at 32.4 percent, has a higher percentage of residents not meeting that standard.

Of course, just last month, the American Fitness Index concluded that the Twin Cities is the healthiest metro in the country for the third year running. So it appears we're both naughty and nice, depending on what data set you're looking at.

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