Minneapolis is a test market for "I am a Mormon"

Do you know Mormons?
Do you know Mormons?

Know a Mormon yet? The Mormon church's PR campaign has hit Minneapolis, in the form of a bunch of TV spots of normal folk who talk about their cool lives--and then casually mention "I'm a Mormon."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has filmed 30-second ads and is testing them out in nine markets, including Minneapolis. There are no Bible versus or religious doctrine--just normal, above-average-looking people talking about their lives.

There's a high-energy white couple with three kids, a black man from London who sings gospel, an Asian woman whose religious beliefs come out through her art, a Mexican kid with a past in drinking and jail, and a white man from D.C. who rides 68 miles round trip to his job as a creative director at the Library of Congress.

You get the idea. These are normal, nice folks like you, who just happen to have a religion that most Americans don't understand--or associate with Warren Jeffs and weird polygamy and child brides, funding California's anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8, or presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The church has even created a web site where the curious can go to chat online with real Mormons.

Now that's 21st-century religion.

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