Minneapolis: Home to top hipster hood

Eat your Herkimer out, Uptown. Northeast? Ain't Grumpy enough, apparently. Because according to what looks to be a pretty thorough Forbes study, the Twin Cities' hipster hotspot is the North Loop.

The Loop ranks 12th on Forbes' list of "America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods," edging ahead of other places where you can hear "Right ons" fluttering in the breeze, like San Diego's North Park and Philly's Northern Liberties.

Here's what Forbes had to say about the North Loop: "Also known as the Warehouse District, this centrally located hood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its large warehouses have been converted to apartments, boutiques and restaurants in recent years. Bike trails, a park and an arts collective Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art also boost the hipness quotient."

Twelfth is impressive, but it also means there are 11 'hoods somehow containing more fixed-gear-ridin', skinny-jeans-wearin' Wavves fans. Here they are:

1. Silver Lake, Los Angeles

2. Mission District, San Fran

3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC

4. Wicker Park, Chicago

5. Pearl District, Portland

6. H Street Corridor, D.C.

7. East Austin, Austin

8. Capitol Hill, Seattle

9. The Uptown, Oakland

10. Warehouse District, New Orleans

11. Downtown Portland, Portland (Maine)

Expect Minneapolis's hipster enclaves to shoot up the list next year once Forbes factors in tall bikes.

Hair of the Dog

In a blog post titled "No Country For Old Pubes," the person behind a purported Craigslist sale of Brett Favre's body hair writes that he came up with the idea as a way to test the limits of sports fans' fanaticism. Would they shell out good money for an ex-quarterback's alleged naughty hairs?

Turns out, they would. And thankfully for those of us who like to chuckle, the prankster shared some of the best correspondences from would-be pube purchasers:

"I'm not a crazy person or anything."

"Listen im not crazy or anything I just want the pubes."

"Look I'm not a weirdo I just think this is awesome and I gotta have it."

"I am extremely interested in Brett Favres pubes."

"Can you call me ASAP my name is Mark and I'm a HUGE Vikes fan."


"I really would love to have this treasure, so I would be willing to make a trade for them."

"I live in Bloomington and will pay the $200 asking. Can meet tonight or tomorrow."

"200 cash I'm in Edina I can meet you anywhere in half an hour."

"50 bucks. I'll meet you anywhere. Right now. Let's do it."

"I think it would be cool to add to my Vikes collection."

"Do these come with a certificate of authenticity?"

"Do you have a DNA test?"

"Do you have a better picture?

"Are you really Jenn Sterger?"

"Are you Brett Favre?"

"Are they grey?"

"I am wondering if you or your brother knows anyone who still works in the equipments rooms of an NFL or NCAA football team who could get their hands on game-used compression shorts or jockstraps. I'd be willing to pay big money for such items. Discretion guaranteed (for everyone's sake)."

Craigslist took down the ad about a day after it was posted, but the seller claims he had no interest in actually bagging $200 for "some hair from a dark patch on my dog's tail."

Officer Pot Dealer

Nick Otterson, a state trooper from Hutchinson, has been under criminal investigation since May, when a colleague of his came forward to report he'd seen Otterson give an Occupy protester drugs.

Otterson participated in the state patrol's Drug Recognition Expert training, intended to help officers better understand and predict the behavior of messed-up people when they're pulled over. But that training wasn't supposed to involve distributing pot.

Last Friday, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office announced that no charges will be filed against Otterson or any other officer allegedly involved in the DRE drug scandal. A press release says prosecutors concluded they had "insufficient evidence."

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