Minneapolis home calls out ‘traitor’ Trump in Christmas lights

This Christmas, Lake of the Isles resident Tom Hoch is saluting the most amoral president in the past 50 years.

This Christmas, Lake of the Isles resident Tom Hoch is saluting the most amoral president in the past 50 years. Tom Hoch

In less than two years, the Trump administration has racked up 89 criminal indictments, already surpassing Nixon as the most felonious presidency of the past 50 years.

Though Trump himself has yet to be charged, his henchmen have confessed to collaborating with everyone from Russia to Turkey to various autocrats across the globe. This, in the eyes of Minneapolis resident Tom Hoch, makes him a traitor.

So the former mayoral candidate and CEO of the Hennepin Theatre Trust decided to memorialize his sentiments – Christmas style -- from a second-story balcony at his Lake of the Isles home. He enlisted a carpenter to aid with his four-foot-tall artistic endeavor. “Trump is a traitor,” it reads in merry cheer.

Given the evidence thus far, he believes this to be a factual statement. And his neighbors seem to agree.

Hoch’s James Avenue home overlooks East Lake of the Isles Parkway. The reviews so far have been stellar. “I was walking my dog and some guy pulled over and said, ‘Bravo, bravo!’” Hoch told the Star Tribune.

He believes his yuletide greeting has met with 100 percent approval so far, though he concedes that some Republicans in the neighborhood may simply be biting their tongues.

“I wanted to act on the sense of frustration about what I routinely read and see on television that’s going on,” Hoch told Yahoo. “So it was out of that that I decided to try to do something that was meaningful, but also had a festive touch… They’re just overt in their attempts to use our country to their own personal advantage and I’m just sick of it. Trump is using our country for his own benefit. That makes him a traitor.”

Unfortunately, this pioneering display won’t be up for long. He plans to eventually pull it under the normal rules of Christmas decoration shelf-life, and one day return to more conventional light displays.

“I would hope whoever is sitting in the oval office in the future doesn’t compel me to do this and I can go back to doing boring holiday decorations.”