Minneapolis hit with another police brutality suit, man says he was beaten during arrest


Less than a month after one man accused the Minneapolis police of beating him during an arrest, another man is also suing the city for a similar incident last year. This man also has surveillance video of the altercation, which adds some serious weight to his argument.

Nicholas Kastner of Roseville was arrested in downtown Minneapolis after allegedly breaking into a car in a parking ramp. But when police went to arrest him, he says he was "lying motionless" on the ground as police "brutally attacked" him, according to the Star Tribune report.

"Kastner was fully compliant" when Appledorn "stomped on his back, kicked him at least a dozen times and shocked him at least twice with her Taser gun," said the suit filed by lawyer Frederick Goetz on Kastner's behalf.
View the video of the incident below.

According to the Strib, the two undercover officers were doing surveillance around midnight Dec. 12, 2008 in the parking ramp at 19 4th St. S. They witnessed a car driving around the ramp for an hour that appeared to be casing cars for break in. According to police, the two men in the car broke a car window and took items. Officers tried to arrest the men, but they jumped back in their car and drove away, allegedly almost hitting a plainclothes officer who had to jump away. The officer fired shots at the car.

Police tried to block the exit with their car, as seen in the video, but the two men smashed into it and tried to escape. Kastner's partner escaped the scene, but Kastner says he got out of the car and fully complied with officers by lying face down on the ground. In the video, you see one officer start to repeatedly kick him while another gets on top of him for the arrest.

The assistant city attorney says there was forced used on Kastner, but it wasn't excessive. They say Kastner "failed to take reasonable action to avoid or mitigate the alleged detriment or damages."

KSTP also has the officer's official statement about the incident, which doesn't exactly match up with what is seen in the video.

Watch the video for yourself: