Minneapolis has 15,000 empty houses

Too many empty houses

Too many empty houses

We've heard so much about the housing and economic crises by now that, bad as that news is, our eyes kind of glaze over when we hear it.

But Finance and Commerce recently pointed out a number that made us nearly spit out our morning coffee: 15,000 housing units in Minneapolis (out of 178,287 total) are standing empty, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. That's as if an entire town the size of Moorhead was filled with empty houses.


The updated numbers come as we learned yesterday that housing prices nationwide are at nine-year lows. However, the good news is that Minnesota is one of the only states in the nation where people are actually buying.

Meanwhile, 9,794 housing units (of 120,795 total) are vacant in St. Paul; 2658 (out of 45,683 total) are vacant in Rochester, and 2503 (of 38,208) are vacant in Duluth.

Check out the U.S. Census website New American Factfinder to see how your city is doing on housing.