Minneapolis gags: Water smells, tastes nasty again

If you've ever had the pleasure of living near the Mississippi River, particularly on the University of Minnesota campus, you know what spring means. The ice starts melting and the river's funky smell is back. Sometimes you can almost taste it when the wind blows just right.

Well the rest of Minneapolis gets to bask in the joys of river water now too. Our tap water, which comes from the Mississippi, is smelling and tasting pretty foul again and city officials are telling everyone to pinch their noses and deal with it.

The problem happened last summer in Minneapolis too when hoards of angry water chuggers got pissed off when their water was too foul to ingest. The city insists the smell and taste means nothing and the water is totally safe. You'll have to blame your weird medical problems (bad sex, foul body odor, migraines) on something else.

 In case you haven't had the joy of smelling or tasting the water yet, let us describe it. It's musty. And it tastes like you are sipping on a rotting leaf/dog shit smoothie. No big deal.

From the Star Tribune:

Expect the sensory disruption to last another six weeks, emphasizing that there are no health problems. "Our water continues to meet all federal and state standards," said city Water Plant Operations Superintendent Chris Catlin.

He went on to assure everyone that the city is doing all it can "to reduce the taste and odor - we feed potassium permanganate [used as a disinfectant and antiseptic] and activated carbon in our efforts to reduce the taste and odor."

So what can you do about it besides whine about it online? Numb your taste buds and plug your nose. The city says you can store the water in clean glass containers in the fridge so it gets extremely cold and dulls your taste buds.