Minneapolis expands winter-long parking restrictions

More restrictions.

More restrictions.

As if there aren't enough traffic and parking headaches in post-Snowmageddon Minneapolis, city officials have instituted yet more winter-long restrictions. We need to keep making room for emergency vehicles and buses.


No Parking signs are going up on the EVEN numbered side of Irving Avenue South, from 28th Street to Lagoon Avenue, and 31st to 36th Streets. Irving runs parallel to, and three blocks west of Hennepin in Uptown.

No Parking signs will also be installed on the ODD numbered side of Dupont Avenue South from Franklin Avenue to 22nd Street, just west of where 22nd meets Hennepin in Lowry Hill.

Meanwhile, parking continues to be banned on the even numbered side of streets designated as non-Snow Emergency Routes until April 1. But there are four snow emergency routes that are being treated like regular streets -- don't park on the even-numerbered sides of these streets:

  • Bryant Avenue South from Lake Street to 50th Street.
  • Grand Avenue South from Lake Street to 48th Street.
  • Dupont Avenue South from 28th Street to 36th Street.
  • Emerson Ave South from 28th Street to 36th Street.

Yes, there will be ticketing and towing for violators. For more details, click here.