Minneapolis exotic dancer forgets to report 80,000 dollar bills found in her panties,


Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Minneapolis exotic dancer busted for not reporting those 80,000 dollar bills in her panties 
You know those silly dollar bills. You don't realize how many you can rake in when you are dancing around all sexy with your top off! A former Rick's Cabaret exotic dancer is now facing multiple felony charges after allegedly failing to report $80,000 in tips during one year.

Son accused of swindling more than $100,000 from 83-year-old disabled mother 
When 83-year-old Nora Bekis was unable to care for herself due to lung disease and dementia, she gave her son power of attorney to manage her finances. Instead, he just stole all of it and stopped paying her bills. That's what sons are for.

Instead of walking outside 30 feet to smoke a cigarette, a man decided to sneak a smoke indoors. Idiot move of the day: He threw the cigarette butt down an air duct, allegedly sparking a $1 million fire in the building. 

The PiPress profiles Bee Vang, a Robbinsdale teenager who auditioned on a whim for Gran Tarino. He ended up starring in the movie alongside Clint Eastwood.

President-elect has asked for a delay in switching all TV to digital after the program handing out discount coupons ran out of money. Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar backs his plan, saying 21 percent of Minnesotans rely on over-the-air broadcasts and millions could be left without TV if this switch happens Feb. 17.