Minneapolis Ecuadorian festivalgoers eat guinea pig, get sick


Eighty-one people went to either HCMC or the Minneapolis Children's Hospital after scarfing down eats at the Ecuadorian Independence Festival on August 11.

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According to a Star Tribune report, many of them ate a traditional Ecuadorian dish that contained guinea pig meat. Might that be evidence humans aren't supposed to chow cute little fellers like the one pictured above?

Not quite. Hennepin County Public Health spokesman Bill Belknap told the Strib that "It was most likely a bad food item or items being poorly handled."

"The diseased organism that originated somewhere got spread to other food items by cross contamination," he continued.

The moral of the story? If you're going to eat cute animals that aren't usually prepared for human consumption in this part of the world, at least make sure they're cooked properly.

The Strib reports that everyone who was sickened was treated and released. Many of them tested positive for salmonella poisoning.

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