Minneapolis dog rescued after 17 days (!) lost in northern Minnesota

Oh, Lindsey, you silly dog. What were you thinking?

Oh, Lindsey, you silly dog. What were you thinking? Facebook

 Lindsey hates thunderstorms.

But what dog doesn't? 

Back in early October, Lindsey was on a camping trip in the Boundary Waters with her owner John Lundquist, when a storm rolled in. The thunder scared Lindsey, who bolted away from Lundquist, disappearing into the dark.

Lundquist would spend the next two days looking for her, only abandoning the search when his food supplies ran out. He returned to Minneapolis, and turned to Facebook, posting a picture of his pup with a message asking for people in the area to keep an eye out.

Cute dog in danger? Cute dog wearing a lifejacket, no less? You know how this goes: That Facebook post was shared more than 9,000 times, and a veritable online movement sprung up around finding Lindsey and getting her home.

On October 9, Lundquist posted a heartbreaking update. "I can't win," he wrote.

"My dog came out of the BWCA yesterday thanks to a kind camper who was able to find her. She was going to spend the night in Ely so I could drive up for her today but she escaped from the person in Ely who was housing her. She is loose somewhere near Ely and hopefully ok. It just gets surreal..."

A few days after that, as Lundquist explained to WCCO, someone reported "seeing [Lindsey] running across the highway late at night with a wolf chasing her." (Gulp.) "At that point, I thought, well, maybe that's the end fo the story."

Eventually, Lindsey's story came to the attention of a group called "The Retrievers," a volunteer organization that specializes in the safe capture of lost dogs. (Pro tip from them: Don't just go up to the dog and try to grab it, you might just scare it even more.)

The Retrievers asked people who spotted Lindsey to contact them, and enlisted some to set food traps for what was assuredly a hungry dog. On October 25, Lindsey fell for it.


The Lundquist family was quick to drive up and get her before she pulled this stunt again.

Below, watch video of Lindsey hanging out on Lundquist's couch, receiving pets from his kids, and tugging on one of those rope things, and declining to share how she'd survived out there in the wild all those days.

Or you can just wait to watch the animated version of the story, once any screenwriter with hears the story of a good girl lost in the Minnesota woods for weeks, dodging wolves, surviving the elements, learning to find food, and, we assume, singing little songs at night to keep herself from getting too scared.