Minneapolis departments heading for a hiring freeze


The City of Minneapolis announced their latest budget-saving move: potential hiring freezes across the board. They are the latest victim to the slumping economy, which is now officially in recession.

At least they aren't taking the University of Minnesota tacky road by calling it a "hiring pause".

More from the Mayor:
Mayor R.T. Rybak and Council President Barbara Johnson recommended that the City institute a freeze on hiring freeze any new employees. "These are among the most challenging economic times that our nation has faced in its history," said Mayor Rybak. "Every sector of the economy is feeling the impact of this financial crisis, and certainly government is not immune. Because of the long-term financial planning we have been doing for years, we can make tough decisions like this to weather the current economic challenges." The Mayor and Council President made the recommendation for a hiring freeze recognizing that taking steps now will best position the City for future financial uncertainty. The City's finance staff estimate that the City already faces about $38 million in additional costs related to employee pensions over the next five years due to stock market losses. While this hiring freeze is in effect, it is important to ensure that City departmental leaders have the ability to make prudent business decisions about their departmental operations. To this end, the Mayor and Council President are recommending that the Council direct the City Coordinator, Human Resources Director and Chief Financial Officer to establish and implement administrative processes for departments seeking to fill critical positions.