Minneapolis declares snow emergency [UPDATE]

Snow. It's back.

Snow. It's back.

Plan accordingly so you don't have to fish your car out of the impound lot: Minneapolis declared a snow emergency after Friday night's storm.

On Saturday, plows cleared snow emergency routes. Day 2 parking rules went into effect at 8 a.m. today, Sunday. Here's a refresher course on how the rules work:


Snow Emergency Parking, Day 2

Park on the odd-numbered address side of non-snow emergency route streets.

Park on either side of streets with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route, like the one at right.

Do not park on the even-numbered address side of non-snow emergency route streets.

Time to brush up on your <a href="" target="_blank">snow emergency know-how</a>.

Time to brush up on your snow emergency know-how.

Do not park on either side of parkways.

After a street is fully plowed to the curb, feel free to park there, even if Snow Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means the street is completely cleared and plowed to the curb. Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is fully plowed to the curb before parking.

Tomorrow, Day 3, the process is reversed starting at 8 a.m. For more instructions, check out this excellent description from the City of Minneapolis.

Your car's not where you left it parked? Check with the Minneapolis Impound Lot by clicking here.

The snow screwed with Friday night's commute, tripling drive times or worse, and causing a load of accidents. The State Patrol reported 141 crashes, and 172 spinouts overnight in the metro area, 13 of them with injuries.

One of the injuries was to a trooper.

Spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske reported the trooper's cruiser was struck while he was trying to help a stranded motorist on I-35W near the split with 35E in Forest Lake. He's been hospitalized.

In Shakopee, a bus carrying Victoria's Holy Family Catholic School junior varsity hockey team slid off the road Friday afternoon. No one was hurt, and a guardrail is credited with preventing the bus from crashing into the woods.

Update: The State Patrol said 23-year-old Gina Thompson of Mahnomen died early Saturday after she lost control of her Chevy Lumina southbound on Highway 59, skidded across traffic into the northbound lane and was struck by a semi-trailer.