Minneapolis daycare baby found sucking crack ball


The bad news: A 13-month-old baby at the AGAPE Child Development Center was found last Friday with a ball of crack cocaine in his mouth. The good news: It was wrapped up in plastic.

"When I found out it was crack or cocaine then I was really like, 'Oh my God, just one drop in a baby's mouth could cause lord knows what damage," the daycare center's CEO, Dr. Diane Thibodeaux, told WCCO.

The source of the drugs is a mystery, Thibodeaux said. But it may not be for long, because nobody can get in or out of the West Broadway Avenue daycare  center without signing  visitor's log.
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"We're talking about an amount, about possibly the size of maybe a couple of jelly beans," said Jesse Garcia of Minneapolis Police.

The room was cleaned and scrubbed from top to bottom.

"I emptied out the room thoroughly and I had everybody with vacuums and hoses and Shopvacs getting in the corners. Anything that looked like it should be sucked up, suck it up," Thibodeaux said.

The baby was taken to the hospital, but appeared none the worse for the experience.