Minneapolis cops report on citizen complaints

The Minneapolis Police Department just released an internal report on complaints against officers. The report also outlines the department's use of force. Some interesting stuff.

The report, available online at the cops' Web site, is done within the department, by the Internal Affairs Division -- the MPD unit that investigates cops when they've been accused of being dirty, or of beating some poor guy on the street. It's pretty unusual for departments to publish this data of their own accord, so we have to give Minneapolis props for doing so.

Here are some highlights from 2008:

  • Officer-involved shootings: 8
  • Use of force: 1,157 incidents
  • Taser used: 398 incidents

The report also has some interesting data on the race of people arrested and people the police used force against (check out page 29). There are some fancy charts, but the bottom line is that the majority of people who the cops arrested and used force against were black.