Minneapolis cops peacefully end a stand off with a gun-waving man


Tragedy narrowly averted on Cecil Street SE at about 4 p.m. yesterday, where cops from Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota were able to end a stand off between a gun-waving man and some construction workers.

The call came in after the man came out of his home and fired a gun into the air. No one was hurt.

Uniformed and SWAT officers took their positions, and then tried to make contact with the man via telephone. Those efforts failed. The guy hunkered down.

Just as preparations were being made to evacuate nearby homes ahead of a "dynamic entry," and four hours after the stand off began, the suspect walked out of the house, unarmed and taken into custody.

Minneapolis police said he was booked for making terroristic threats and may face more charges pending an investigation. Numerous guns were later found in the house, police said.