Minneapolis cops let Augie's bouncer sucker punch man in handcuffs [VIDEO]

The video shows a defenseless man assaulted right under police officers' noses.

The video shows a defenseless man assaulted right under police officers' noses. Facebook user Conquiesha Graham

Over the weekend, a video clip surfaced showing a Minneapolis police officer standing by while a bouncer repeatedly punched a man in police custody.

The footage, posted by Facebook user Conquiesha Graham, begins with a man lying face-down and handcuffed on the sidewalk between the legs of a Minneapolis police officer. The man in custody is not resisting. A large bouncer wearing a security uniform then kneels beside the handcuffed man, puts one hand on his neck, then slugs him three times in the face before a bystander sticks out a hand to intervene.

Neither of two police officers on the scene step in to stop him.

According to Graham's post, which has been viewed more than 17,000 times, the incident happened Saturday night outside Augie's Bourbon Street Cabaret in downtown Minneapolis.

Augie's did not respond to a request for comment. A Minneapolis police incident report identifies the bouncer involved in the incident as Lonnie Davis.

Minneapolis police on Tuesday confirmed police were called about a security guard who had been assaulted. They cited the man, David Mitchell, for misdemeanor 5th degree assault. 

"While in custody, this suspect was assaulted by another adult male," said MPD spokesman Corey Schmidt. "It appears that an officer was near the second incident, and was in the process of activating his body camera and speaking into his shoulder microphone at the time it occurred.”

Mitchell was released on site, where medics treated him "for treatment for injuries received during the altercation," according to the police incident report.

Mitchell also reported the assault he suffered, and that case remains under investigation. The Office of Police Conduct Review is also reviewing the incident.