Minneapolis cop/candidate Chris Kelley is ready to arrest you at Trump's rally

If Chris Kelley or his fellow officers have to arrest you tonight, consider asking Ilhan Omar or Jacob Frey for bail money.

If Chris Kelley or his fellow officers have to arrest you tonight, consider asking Ilhan Omar or Jacob Frey for bail money. Fox News

If Chris Kelley arrests you outside Donald Trump's campaign rally tonight, you'll know who to blame.

No, not Kelley, a 20-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department. And not Trump, a veteran of sexual assault, racism, and loudly saying vile things on the record.

Hell, you can't even blame yourself.

Obviously, the only reason you'll be out there protesting, leaving Kelley and his fellow cops no choice but to put you in cuffs, is because you were encouraged by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and DFL U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Had they not spoken out in opposition to Trump, progressives probably wouldn't have even noticed Trump was in town.

This is the sort of enlightenment you'll get if you wake up really, really early but still immediately feel like giving up on everything, and therefore turn on Fox News. Had you tuned into something called Fox & Friends First this morning, you'd learn that Kelley is a cop, an Independent candidate running for Omar's seat in Congress, and probably not fit for television that starts after 6 a.m.

The interview focused on Trump's Target Center appearance tonight, his first campaign event since House Democrats initiated impeachment hearings. The flood of Trump supporters and protesters is guaranteed to turn downtown into an absolute shitshow.

Kelley says Frey and Omar's criticism of Trump will "embolden certain groups to come out, and to try and cause problems, which in turn put the officers of the Minneapolis Police Department, other partner agencies, and the Secret Service at risk."

The early risers were also treated to a couple of Kelley's tweets, one calling Frey's and Omar's anti-Trump statements "repulsive, unethical, dangerous."

Another indicates Kelley's expecting "mayhem, violence, & anarchy" tonight... but maybe kinda looking forward to it?

Kelley's biggest fear is the presence of Antifa, the leftist protest outfit he thinks should be labeled a "terrorist organization." 

He doesn't seem all that concerned about Oathkeepers, the conspiratorial tough guys who think the only way to keep things chill is to show up heavily armed. If they do, they'd be going against the advisement of Kelley's boss, Minneapolis Police Cheif Medaria Arradondo, who has requested people don't bring firearms downtown tonight. 

Watch Kelley's appearance below. Stick around for the parts where he says random people tell him they're disappointed in Omar while he's working the beat, claims (historically high!) voter turnout in 2018 was actually low, and faults Omar for... tweeting at political rivals.