Minneapolis Cop Looks at Photo of Sex Assault Suspect, Sees Him Standing Across Street

Talk about fortuitous timing.

Thursday morning, a group of Minneapolis cops were walking around downtown, showing colleagues a photo of the suspect involved in two Ramp C assaults on October 7, including a sexual assault. Thankfully, the case was quickly cracked when the photo was shown to an officer who looked up and literally saw the guy standing across the street.

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From a Minneapolis Police Department news release:
Officers Callahan and Englund stopped and spoke with Officer Bennett, who was working a traffic detail. They showed Officer Bennett the photo and asked him to keep an eye out for this guy. Bennett looked up and across the street. Officer Bennett said: "You mean that guy over there?" All the officers looked across the street and saw our suspect standing right there.
The suspect, later identified as a 22-year-old homeless man named Peijan Hodges, was arrested and charged Friday with a variety of sexual assault-related felonies.

According to the charges, around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Hodges rode a Ramp C elevator with a woman who was headed home from work. When she got off on level seven, he followed her to her car and prevented her from closing the door.

He then pushed her into the back seat, where he sexually assaulted her. You can read all the grisly details for yourself on page two of this post, where we've embedded the criminal complaint.

A woman sitting in a neighboring car saw the suspect pull his pants up as he ran away. Another bystander gave chase and at one point actually had Hodges in his grasp. But he broke free and disappeared into downtown Minneapolis -- until cops nabbed him a couple days later thanks to the aforementioned lucky break.

According to the complaint, after his arrest, Hodges was identified by another woman as the suspect who physically assaulted her in the same ramp a few hours before the sexual assault. That incident was quickly interrupted by bystanders and Hodges ran off.

To read the charges for yourself, click to page two.


Hodges Charges

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