Minneapolis cop chase ends in Lake Street crash, death of suspect

A driver suspected in a south Minneapolis assault took off last night when police tried to stop his car, crashed at the intersection of 40th Avenue South and East Lake Street after a two-minute chase, and later died at HCMC.

MPD said this morning that officers were responding to a 6:20 p.m. call at East 28th Street and 31st Avenue South in which four people in a red car were seen assaulting a man on the street.


The 911 caller gave police a partial license plate number, and about a minute later, another patrol car spotted a red car with the same partial plate near 30th Avenue South and East Lake Street. The officers threw on their lights, but instead of stopping, the driver fled.

MPD says the chase never went over posted speed limits, but any part of Lake Street is congested at that time of day, and according to the initial report, the suspect drove into the intersection of 40th Avenue South and East Lake Street without yielding and was promptly struck by two vehicles traveling on Lake.

Approximate site of the crash:

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The dead driver's name hasn't been released to the public yet, but police say he was wanted for being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon. The front seat passenger was wanted in connection with a narcotics case. And all four of the people in the car had to be extricated from the wreck by Minneapolis firefighters.

Anyone with information about the original assault call or who can provide any other information about these incidents is asked to call the TIPS Line at 612-692-TIPS.