Minneapolis City Council Continues to Battle Over... Its Sailboat Logo?

The debate rages on

The debate rages on

An attempt to update Minneapolis' blue and white, two-sailboat logo into a more colorful, cleaner look with just one sailboat has become mired in the stormy seas of petty municipal bureaucracy.

To recap: The new logo sailed through two different committees in February, but it ran aground before its final approval at the full city council meeting two weeks ago. Council Member Alondra Cano said the sailboat wasn't fully representative of all Minneapolis, and Council Member Andrew Johnson said it was unprofessional and inconsistent to phase a logo with one less sailboat in, potentially leaving the city with two logos with a different number of sailboats for decades.

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The logo was sent back and staff was told to come up with something more consistent with the current two-sailboat look. But yesterday City Council changed its mind again, basically saying "Screw it. You know what? We're actually going to take the new, one-sailboat look after all."

Turns out, city staff was pretty ticked off after watching months of work get derailed. After complaining to some council members, it looks like they'll get their new logo after all.

"We've involved a lot of departments around the city and I think some council members are definitely hearing from city staff about their frustration about a change in direction after going through this whole process," said Council Member Elizabeth Glidden. "It's this really weird, pointy sailboat that's hard to reproduce and has these thin lines, and that challenge won't be taken care of by putting it in a new font with a new size."

Johnson, the most vocal opponent of the new logo, was upset staff claimed it would take 4-6 weeks to come up with another logo that more closely resembled the old two-sailboat look. Before yesterday's meeting he whipped up a modernized version of the two-sailboat logo on Photoshop in about 10 minutes.

"Staff came to us today and basically said, 'yeah, this will take 4-6 weeks, so therefore we don't want to do it. What do you think, City Council?'" said Johnson yesterday. "I have a really hard time believing it would take 4-6 weeks."

Johnson admits the logo kerfuffle "should not be this big thing," but he's sticking to his opposition.

"If you're trying to be more consistent, why would you keep the two sailboats out there for decades? And then the next time they refresh it or evolve it to keep up with trends, then we'll have three of logos out there," he said.

The new one-sailboat logo, back from the dead, will go before full City Council again on Friday, and Johnson said he "doesn't expect any drama this time."

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